Mick Jagger by Travis Moore

Mick Jagger

This immense Pop Sharpie piece is created with red and blue Sharpies and depicts two images of Mick Jagger; lead singer of The Rolling Stones. One, a publicity photo from early 1965 and the other a dancing image of Jagger from Gimme Shelter. The two images create a seamless composition by accentuating the flow of the Sharpie line work from one image to the other.

For example, the hair in the larger image and the fringe of the jacket in the smaller flow together like water and move the eye around the piece creating the illusion of movement exhibited by Jagger in the dancing depiction.

This piece was originally created for, and shown, at the Sharpie Show II at Crewest Gallery.

Artwork Details

  • Sharpie on Canvas
  • 72" x 48"